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    Sacred Activism – Basic Goodness in Action

    According to Shambhala tradition “windhorse” is the self-existing energy of basic goodness in action. Acharya Marty Janowitz’s final article in this three-part series explores the practice and benefits of “raising windhorse,” the Path of engagement.

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    Freedom, Groundlessness, and Meditation in Action

    Marty Janowitz continues his exploration of the Dharma of climate change. He suggests that we cannot substantively work to alter the societal paradigm if we are not simultaneously altering our own internal paradigm.

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    Transforming Reality – Climate Activism and Buddhist Practice

    Acharya Marty Janowitz from the Shambhala tradition suggests that the ecological crises call for simultaneous practice in inner peace and consistent bravery.

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    The Time to Act is Now

    The Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change. On November 28th in Paris, this statement will be presented to UN climate negotiators with other faith statements around the world. Add your signature here.

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    Time to Stand Up

    Dharma teacher and activist Thanissara urges us to move “beyond a personal introversion and quietism” and apply the Buddha’s radical teachings to the catastrophe of climate change and its underlying causes.

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    I am the Tar Sands

    Can we face the truth of the way human beings are altering the Earth without making enemies? Nomi Green invites us to viscerally experience the perspectives of the many beings connected to the tar sands in northern Alberta, Canada.

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