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    Healing Ecology: Discovering Our Collective Place in the World

    “We cannot return to nature because we have never left it. ” In this article, Buddhist scholar and Zen teacher David Loy explores the parallels in our individual and collective predicaments and the parallel paths that might heal.

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    We Are Planetary

    We are planetary. The truth of our interconnection to each other and Earth is beautifully explored in this new film by three Dharma practitioners featuring some of the leading wisdom teachers of our time. Make Planetary part of your Earth Day celebration!

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    Answering the Call

    Come, let’s face this together. Join One Earth Sangha, the amazing Joanna Macy, rev angel Kyodo williams and a powerful collection of other leaders for our online, interactive EcoSattva Training. This is our crisis and our opportunity for transformation.

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    Biggest Party in Human History

    For one hour, use your power to change the world. Climate change is the great teacher of our interdependence, with each other and Earth. Open to this wonder by turning off your lights for one Earth Hour tonight at 8:30 pm, wherever you are.

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    Beyond Hope and Hopelessness

    We face challenges of an unprecedented scale. To meet them we need a training that roots our engagement more deeply than we’ve known before. In this article, Guhyapati from the EcoDharma Centre clarifies how we can respond with energy and patience to what the mind frames as “do or die” situations.

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    Metta Practice for Earth and Her Children

    Deep in our tradition is the Metta Prayer, the heart-felt wish for well-being. As interfaith traditions come together this Valentine’s Day at noon to pray for the healing of the Earth, Heather Lyn Mann from the Order of Interbeing shares this offering.

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    Facing Climate Change with Heart

    Supporting our hearts: Sister Jewel from the Order of Interbeing offers this meditation as a way to hold the vast complexities inherent in awakening to climate change.

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