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    “Praised Be!” – Affirming Pope Francis’ Message to the World

    People of faith around the world are joining with Pope Francis in his message to all people of the world: the time to act swiftly and decisively on climate change is now.

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    A Call to the Moral Conscience

    In support of Pope Francis’ letter to the Catholic church regarding the climate crisis, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi clarifies that the time for denial, skepticism, and delay is over.

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    Buddhists Go to the White House

    For a day, a number of Buddhist leaders came together in Washington, DC for the first “White House—U.S. Buddhist Leadership Conference,” the subject at hand being “Voices in the Square—Action in the World.” In this article, Hozan Alan Senauke reflects on the moment.

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    The Problem of Passivity

    The path of liberation is a call to boldness, to purposeful discomfort. In this article, Alex Swain from the EcoDharma Centre explores the temptation to use meditation as escape.

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    Answering the Call

    Come, let’s face this together. Join One Earth Sangha, the amazing Joanna Macy, rev angel Kyodo williams and a powerful collection of other leaders for our online, interactive EcoSattva Training. This is our crisis and our opportunity for transformation.

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    Healing Ecology: Discovering Our Collective Place in the World

    “We cannot return to nature because we have never left it. ” In this article, Buddhist scholar and Zen teacher David Loy explores the parallels in our individual and collective predicaments and the parallel paths that might heal.

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    We Are Planetary

    We are planetary. The truth of our interconnection to each other and Earth is beautifully explored in this new film by three Dharma practitioners featuring some of the leading wisdom teachers of our time. Make Planetary part of your Earth Day celebration!

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