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    A Path of Wise Action

    With the People’s Climate March just three weeks away, Dharma teacher Thanissara suggests that the Buddhist perspective has much to contribute to this activist moment.

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    Mindfulness and Climate Action

    Join Tara Brach, Jack Kornfield, Ruth King, David Loy, Bhikkhu Bodhi and many other wonderful Dharma teachers in a series of free, online conversation exploring the impact of climate change, its underlying causes, and how Dharma practice can inform our personal and collective response.

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    A Paradigm of Integrity

    In this provocative essay leading up to the People’s Climate March in September, Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi insists that technological changes will not be enough. We are called to recognize, confront and dismantle the structural causes of climate change.

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    In Love with the Earth

    When we realize the Earth is not merely the “environment,” we are moved to care for the Earth as we would ourselves. In his tender, “Love Letter to the Earth,” Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh implores us all to love and protect the great mother of all beings.

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    A Jewel of Awakening

    Is there a gift of our present ecological crisis? By seeing things as they are, Dharma teacher Chas DiCapua reveals that we have the opportunity to awaken from the nightmare of separation. We can come to embody our deepest nature, compassionate wisdom.

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    Eco-Dharma Conference-Retreat

    We are coming together. This August, join members of One Earth Sangha for a conference/retreat online or live in New Hampshire, USA featuring David Loy, Ven. Bikkhu Bodhi, Colin Beaven and Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

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    Are We Willing to Look?

    The haunting photography of J. Henry Fair asks us to hold a steady gaze as we view vast landscapes transformed by industry. In this interview with the artist, we explore the paradoxical beauty of his work and what it might awaken in our hearts.

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