• TrueBody

    Towards a Social Dharma – Caring For Our Common Home, Our True Body

    Soto Zen priest Hozan Alan Senauke is calling for the development of a “Social Dharma,” a Buddhist equivalent to Christianity’s “Social Gospel,” that would galvanize a global community response committed to justice and safety for all beings in the context of impending climate chaos.

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  • time-to-stand-up-feature

    Time to Stand Up: New Sangha Events Directory

    If there was a moment to get involved, this is it. Taking a queue from Vipassana teacher and activist Thanissara’s new book, we are announcing a new capability to join or add events that develop and demonstrate our interdependence with all of life!

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  • DFID India

    Tipping Points – A View on Global Climate Policy

    All around us, all the time, change happens. But some moments feel bigger than others. 2015 is shaping up to be filled with those kinds of moments. One Earth Sangha’s Lou Leonard writes with an update on the big changes from this important year, as well as how the Dharma helps him stay balanced through it all.

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  • For Paper Towels

    Equanimity and Denial

    One of the most useful contributions Buddhism can offer social action is the quality of equanimity. Yet indifference can masquerade as equanimity, providing a kind of “spiritual bypass” that whisks us away from the difficult encounter. How can we know true equanimity wherein we retain our connection to ourselves and the world?

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  • EcoSattvaTraining-simple

    Answering the Call

    Come, let’s face this together. Join One Earth Sangha, the amazing Joanna Macy, rev angel Kyodo williams and a powerful collection of other leaders for our online, interactive EcoSattva Training. This is our crisis and our opportunity for transformation.

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  • buddha-cross

    “Praised Be!” – Affirming Pope Francis’ Message to the World

    People of faith around the world are joining with Pope Francis in his message to all people of the world: the time to act swiftly and decisively on climate change is now.

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