• ProtestBuddha

    The People’s Climate March

    Our community is invited to put Dharma into action. We have an opportunity to act, to make a difference, to lend our moral voice to this vital movement. Join us this September in New York City, online, or at local events near you.

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  • PurpleFlower-BuddhaSound

    A Jewel of Awakening

    Is there a gift of our present ecological crisis? By seeing things as they are, Dharma teacher Chas DiCapua reveals that we have the opportunity to awaken from the nightmare of separation. We can come to embody our deepest nature, compassionate wisdom.

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  • eco-dharma-banner

    Eco-Dharma Conference-Retreat

    We are coming together. This August, join members of One Earth Sangha for a conference/retreat online or live in New Hampshire, USA featuring David Loy, Ven. Bikkhu Bodhi, Colin Beaven and Rev. angel Kyodo williams.

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  • j_henry_fair_-_rio_tinto-2

    Are We Willing to Look?

    The haunting photography of J. Henry Fair asks us to hold a steady gaze as we view vast landscapes transformed by industry. In this interview with the artist, we explore the paradoxical beauty of his work and what it might awaken in our hearts.

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  • melborneinsight636

    Emotional Resilience in a Warming World

    In many ways, our practice is preparation for intensity. Impending climate change can therefore be seen as an individual, communal and global call to practice. Our friends at Melbourne Insight Meditation are exploring how the path of awakening can help us stay present and true to our nature.

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  • AgathaLee1880-636

    Facing the Heat: The Suffering that Leads to the End of Suffering

    The U.S. Government and media may be breaking the silence on climate change. How is it that we live our lives with only intermittent awareness of the truth of global warming? Is responding as difficult as we might think? Joseph Goldstein, cofounder of Insight Meditation Society, explores the teachings that shed light on these questions.

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  • Emergence iT9lalQ - Imgur

    Accessing Natural Wisdom: The Work that Reconnects

    How can we uncover and sustain our own power to respond to a challenge as ominous as global climate change? In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd, we offer an introduction to the skillful means of Buddhist scholar and renowned activist, Joanna Macy and the Work that Reconnects.

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  • Years of Living Dangerously636

    Shifting to “Years of Living Mindfully”

    What does the beginning of a collective response to climate change look like? Might we engage our friends, neighbors, coworkers and fellow practitioners on how we can love and protect global life?

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